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Mission and Values

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HFC Brokerage has a mission “To provide Total and Valuable Investment Banking Services to its clients”



HFC-BSL is guided by high ethical standards in its dealings, and is committed to fair business practices. The company acts in compliance with both local and international regulatory requirements governing the Securities Industry.

HFC BSL maintains a culture of excellence and good corporate citizenship. Also, it is committed to upholding the interest of its clients. These it does by continually improving the professional conduct and competence of its well trained staff, to enhance the market value of its clients’ investments.

Request for opening Brokerage Account for individuals

  • An identity card of the individual (Passport, Driver’s License, Voter ID, NHIS)
  • Passport Picture
  • Fill a know your client form
  • GSD Account Opening Form

Request for opening Brokerage Account for Corporate

  • Current list of Directors and Their ID Cards (Passport, Driver’s License, Voter ID, NHIS)
  • Certified True copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certified True copy of Regulation (Constitution)
  • Certified True copy of Board Resolution authorizing execution of opening account
  • Specimen signature of authorized signatories and their passport pictures
  • Fill a know your client form.