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Brokerage Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my proceeds right now?

Settlement on the Ghana stock exchange takes three days and payment of share sale proceeds can only take place after that.


How are prices determined?


Prices on the Ghana Stock Exchange are determined by investors' perceptions of what the stock is worth.

Some of the biggest factors include:


  • How big and successful the company
  • Recent company news including its quarterly and annual filings
  • The state of the Ghanaian economy
  • Whether there is a bull or bear market
  • Global events and economies.




What is a bull market?


A bull market occurs when stock prices are rising faster than their historical averages.



What is a bear market?


A bear market occurs when stock prices are falling faster than their historical averages.



What is the minimum I can invest and are there any charges?

You can open an account with as low as GHS50.00 and a charge(commission and levy) of 1.5% to 2.5% is put on the value of the transactions.


How do I track my stocks online?


By registering on line at and going to investor login where you can access your share holdings also sms alert will indicate to you whenever your account is traded on.



How are you regulated?

The Ghana Stock Exchange and the Securities and Exchange together regulate our company.



Will I get a buyer immediately I decide to sell?


It depends on the stock in particular and the market in general. Largely the market is liquid but if you are offloading more than the market is willing to absorb, it tends to depress the price resulting in price falls.



How do I start?


You speak to one of our designated investment advisors who will take you through the process. Essentially filling forms and placing funds to be invested.



What is the best stock on the market?


There is no best stock or worst stock. There are stocks to suit the investor’s profile. A worst stock in the opinion of one investor may just turn around and become the best stock for another investor. Picking the right stocks on the market is both a science and an art that investors would have to learn about. But overall the fundamentals of a company are essential in making those decisions.


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Request for opening Brokerage Account for individuals

  • An identity card of the individual (Passport, Driver’s License, Voter ID, NHIS)
  • Passport Picture
  • Fill a know your client form
  • GSD Account Opening Form

Request for opening Brokerage Account for Corporate

  • Current list of Directors and Their ID Cards (Passport, Driver’s License, Voter ID, NHIS)
  • Certified True copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certified True copy of Regulation (Constitution)
  • Certified True copy of Board Resolution authorizing execution of opening account
  • Specimen signature of authorized signatories and their passport pictures
  • Fill a know your client form.