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Why Choose HFC Brokerage Services?

Our Competitive Position

  • Leading Brokerage firm in the area of sponsoring Flotation and Rights Issues
  • Solid and extensive research in the execution of all projects and transactions
  • Well Capitalized and Strong Liquidity Position in the Industry
  • High Quality Staff dedicated to the success of HFC-BSL and its clients
  • Large Client Base (both local and international)
  • Excellent relationship with individuals and other Corporate Bodies
  • In-depth knowledge of the Ghanaian Capital Market
  • Strong Alliance with local and foreign institutional investors
  • Enhanced corporate image arising from recent Bond Issuance and Rights Issue
  • Good Management of Stock and Money Market Portfolios.

Knowledge and Experience of Sponsoring Offers

  • HFC has acted as Sponsoring Brokers for the issuance of Rights Issues on the Ghana Stock Exchange. In this regard, the Company has coordinated and liaised with all the required regulatory bodies including the Ghana Stock Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Company’s experience in dealing with these institutions has allowed HFC to build up a good working relationship with our Regulators.
  • HFC carries out extensive research which supports all projects through extensive network of contacts. The Company’s research unit furnishes timely information, which forms the foundation of all investment advisory services.
  • The Company has experienced Authorized Dealing Officers (ADOs) who execute time-tested strategies that add value to the investment positions of our clients.
  • HFC’s team has a strong industry focus and knowledge of industry practices, trends and developments. These give the Company insights and seasoned understanding of the business segments in which they practice.
  • The Company has developed its own proprietary tools and methodologies for handling various projects. HFC’s access to quality information and exposure to comparable situations in the industry ensure the provision of far reaching, unbiased and comprehensive solutions to business problems.

Most Recent Assignments

  • PBL Properties Limited

Co-Marketed GHC 20 Million through the issuance of a 6-year Floating Rate Property Development Bond.

  • HFC Bank (Ghana) Limited

Sponsored the Floatation of US Dollar 5.0 Million through the issuance of 5 years Floating Rate US Dollar Bonds that is benchmarked to the Six Month US Dollar LIBOR.

  • Horizon Finance and Leasing Company Limited

Co-Marketed GHC 650,000 by preference shares through private placement. This was underwritten by HFC-ISL

  • HFC Series J Housbond

HFC Brokerage collaborated with EDC Stockbrokers Limited and invited investors to subscribe to Series J Bond issue amounting to USD5 million.


Marketing Experience

  • For the companies that HFC has acted as Co-Marketers in the issuance and flotation of Bonds, the Company has played significant role in designing public relations and marketing campaigns to help maximize the value of the sale for prospective as well as existing shareholders.  Each marketing activity is designed to suit each particular flotation.
  • HFC has partnered with various marketing consultants to ensure successful marketing of its flotations.  In recent years, HFC’s bond flotations have been over-subscribed due to this collaborative role.  Marketing assignments undertaken include the following:
    • Media protocol to nurture and maintain close relationship with members of the press to help increase their understanding of issuer’s activities and the Offer when necessary.
    • Liasing with foreign consultants who are well versed in raising of funds or bonds issuance, flotation and management when necessary.
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Request for opening Brokerage Account for individuals

  • An identity card of the individual (Passport, Driver’s License, Voter ID, NHIS)
  • Passport Picture
  • Fill a know your client form
  • GSD Account Opening Form

Request for opening Brokerage Account for Corporate

  • Current list of Directors and Their ID Cards (Passport, Driver’s License, Voter ID, NHIS)
  • Certified True copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certified True copy of Regulation (Constitution)
  • Certified True copy of Board Resolution authorizing execution of opening account
  • Specimen signature of authorized signatories and their passport pictures
  • Fill a know your client form.